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Five Question Friday: Meggie Aube

Apr 2, 2021, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

Meggie AubeDr. Meggie Aube is a percussion performer and educator living in Palmer, Alaska. She maintains her teaching studio, Percussion in the Valley, which includes students of all ages; offers private and group lessons, classes, and workshops; and is the director of the community percussion ensemble, The Matanuska Beat. In addition, she is an adjunct music professor at Mat-Su College and performs actively as a soloist and in many ensembles throughout the state. Dr. Aube earner her Doctoral degree in Percussion Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Iowa under the instruction of Dr. Dan Moore. 

Rhythm! Scene: If you weren't a percussionist and educator, what career could you see yourself having pursued?

Meggie Aube: I would want to work as a home decorator or remodeler. I love fixing up old furniture, building shelves, and working on design projects on my house. I would need a lot more training to do it professionally though!

R!S: As a freelance artist, what's one of the weirdest gigs you've taken or oddest jobs you've had outside the industry?

MA: One thing I tell my students who want to go into music is to be ready for anything. After studying percussion for nine years in college I would have never imagined becoming a choir director. Right after graduation I landed a gig as a church choir director and director of the community chorus in my town. I have zero choral experience!

R!S: What's one thing about you that your colleagues or students would unanimously proclaim?

MA: No matter how busy I am, I always try to help where I can. This often means dropping what I’m working on to support my students and colleagues. I have a hard time saying no, even when I receive a request for a letter of recommendation that is due tomorrow.

R!S: What is your favorite percussion instrument and why?

MA: I love the marimba; it allows me to be the most expressive and share my voice. My close second is the snare drum. Almost nothing feels better than playing a rudimental drum solo.

R!S: Where did you grow up, and what’s one interesting thing about your childhood (musically or otherwise)?

MA: Growing up in Alaska was a wonderful experience. One of the main drawbacks was being so far away and cut off from the rest of the country. I was always very fortunate to have parents who were very supportive of my passion for music and would fly me down to experience camps and other musical opportunities I couldn’t find in my home state.

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