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Product Showcase — April 2021

Apr 7, 2021, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

MFG Pedals in Extended Footboard Models
Drum Workshop announces the availability of the new XF Extended Footboard option across the entire range of DW Manufacturing (MFG) pedals and hi-hat stands. The boutique pedals, which are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum in California, are offered in both single and double pedal models in two distinct drive systems: Machined Direct Drive (MDD) and Machined Chain Drive (MCD). Matching solid linkage hi-hats stands are also available in 2- and 3-leg options.

A one-inch longer XF footboard delivers additional throw and power. The extra real estate is also perfect for players that employ a sliding pedal technique for a wider range or playing styles. DW Vice President of Marketing Scott Donnell comments, “XF footboards have become very popular in recent years. Artists tell us they love the feel of a longer footboard for many styles of modern music. And we’ve already offered it on our mainstay 5000 and 9000 lines; this was the next logical progression. We’ve even found a way for those that already have MFG pedals to make a simple upgrade.”

The overall size of the new XF MFG pedal base plate remains the same as the standard model due to a modified Mini Contour Heel Plate, which allows a longer footboard without the need for a larger overall footprint. Both the footboard and heel can be retrofitted to existing MFG pedals and hi-hats stands via the easy-to-fit aftermarket XF conversion kit, consisting of a preassembled XF footboard, Interlocking Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge, and Mini Contour Heel Plate.

To find out more about the new XF MFG pedals, the conversion kit, and all other DW products, visit

Gretsch Carlock SnareGRETCH
Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum
Gretsch Drums has introduced the Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum (GA5514-KC). Carlock has performed with a wide range of artists such as Steely Dan, Toto, Wayne Krantz, James Taylor, Tal Wilkenfeld, John Mayer, Sting, Chris Botti, and many more.

One key requirement Carlock had for the drum was a wide range of sound applications to meet the varied demands of studio work. He has also always been an admirer of brass shell snare drums, especially those that have a more visually aged or fatigued look to them. So that’s where Gretsch Drums started.

The drum's foundation is a 5.5x14-inch, 2mm Vintage Patina brass shell. To capture an “antique” look throughout the shell, a specialized aging compound was developed at the Gretsch factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina. The company then added Carlock’s preferred choice of the 20-strand snare wire to achieve the increased dynamics and pitch range he desired. Plus, he opted for a standard Permatone drumhead rather than the Permatone Control Sound to give his signature snare a more open sound.

Additional features include 45-degree bearing edges, 4mm die-cast hoops, and Gretsch’s classic Lightning Throw-Off. Each snare has an inside identification label specifying the year of production, which is signed by Carlock. Keith commented, “This isn’t just another snare drum. It’s unique in so many ways. The ingredients and specifications that we came up with to create the look, the feel, and the sound are just incredible. You have to check this one out!”

For more information about the Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum, other Gretsch drums and Gretsch artists, visit

Zildjian K SweetZILDJIAN
K Sweet Series Cymbal Pack
The Avedis Zildjian Company has announced that its K Sweet series cymbals are now available in a new cymbal pack, offering 15-inch hi-hats, 17- and 19-inch crashes, and a 21-inch ride.

Pushing the iconic Zildjian K sound in a new, sweet, and responsive direction, these cymbals are great for all types of music. This full setup includes some favorite K Sweet models, including oversized 15-inch hi-hats, with a thin top and an extra heavy bottom offering a great wash without sacrificing a satisfying and solid “chick.” The 17- and 19-inch crashes are extra thin in weight for a fast response with unlathed bells that create nicely balanced high frequencies. The medium-thin weight 21-inch ride is thin enough to be crashable but with great stick definition and a clear bell tone.

“The response to the K Sweet Pack so far has been awesome,” says Andrew Tamulynas, Zildjian Brand Manager for Cymbals and Drumsticks. “We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from drummers on social media, as well as from retailers who voted the K Sweet Pack the best cymbal product of 2020. We’re so happy that everyone is as excited as we are about the new K Sweet pack!”

For more information, visit

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