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Product Showcase — September 2021

Sep 15, 2021, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

Gretsch Black Nickel Steel SnareGRETSCH DRUMS
Full Range Black Nickel Over Steel Snare Drum
Gretsch Drums has extended their Full Range snare drum collection with the addition of the 5x14-inch Black Nickel over Steel (BNS) snare drum.

The new snare is a shallower version of the 6.5x14-inch BNS. Like its larger sibling, it provides an ideal balance of power, sensitivity, beauty, and value. The 1.2mm, 10-lug steel shell has a wide tuning range, from a loose, slow, dry sound to a very sharp, bold, and bright attack. It features 2.5mm triple-flanged hoops, an adjustable throw-off, 20-strand snare wire, Remo Control sound drumheads, 45-degree bearing edges, and a mirror-like black nickel plating.

Gretsch Brand Manager Andrew Shreve comments, “This is such a versatile drum, perfect for live or studio playing with a crisp, bright tone that will complement a range of drumming styles and genres.”

For more information about the 5x14-inch Black Nickel over Steel Snare drum  or other Gretsch drums and artists, visit

Gretsc Gergo BorlaiGergo Borlai Signature Snare Drum 
Drum phenom Gergo Borlai and Gretsch Drums have teamed up to develop a unique addition to the USA metal snare drum range. Together, they created what he describes as a “sensitive, multifunctional, loud, and limitless” snare drum: the Gergo Borlai Signature Snare.

This instrument features a 4.25x14-inch 1.2mm brass shell, 45-degree bearing edges, 20-strand snare wires, and 4mm diecast hoops. The sand-blasted texture of the surface of the shell gives it a striking look as well as a tighter overall sound.

A Lightning Throw-Off, eight mini-lugs, Gretsch Permatone head by Remo USA, and an inside identification label that specifies the year of production, signed by Gergo Borlai, round out this snare drum.

Borlai is known for the captivating solos he performs at clinics, drum festivals, and masterclasses around the world. In his home country of Hungary, he has appeared on more than 300 albums, and received two lifetime achievement awards and two "gold record awards." Today, Borlai works with a wide range of highly respected musicians including Al Di Meola, Scott Kinsey, and Scott Henderson. His latest solo album, The Missing Song, features a different, legendary bass player, on each track, including Stu Hamm, Gary Willis, and Jimmy Haslip.

For more information about the Gergo Borlai signature snare or other Gretsch drums and artists, visit

Entry Level KT-100 Drum Kit and New KT-300
Continuing the revamp of its legacy electronic drum line, KAT Percussion has introduced two new models: a new entry level model, the KT-100, and a follow-up to its KT-200 electronic drum kit, the new KT-300.

While sporting a highly competitive price, the KT-100 doesn’t sacrifice on features. In particular, it comes with a kick tower and a rack, while being portable yet adjustable, that stands up with the best of them. The KT-100 comes standard with one two-zone snare and three single-zone toms that feature high-quality pads and support fundamental acoustic playing technique with a perfect response. The snare’s 8-inch surface won’t make you feel like you’re playing on a cocktail kit. The cymbals include a single zone hi-hat, a crash, and a ride, which are dual zone, all of which come standard with choke. The drum module offers drum sampling that covers most music styles such as rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronic, and more, and features 20 factory kits with 160 unique sounds in total. Moreover, its user-friendly coach and recording function helps players keep track of their progress and helps improve their skills step by step. 

The KT-300 keeps the look of the KT-200 model but adds a significant number of new features. The sensitivity of the pads combined with Remo mesh heads create a very large velocity curve for the hardest player or the softest touch. Enhanced by the latest Dual-Triggering technology, with zones at the head and at the rim, the KT-300’s 10-inch KT-30010S snare and the 8-inch KT-3008T toms provide accurate triggering and a large strike area. The tone changes depending on where and how hard players strike, ensuring the most realistic playing feel. This technology combines with the mesh heads to give the player an authentic acoustic feel. The KT-300 ships with 30 sets of preset kits, as well as 18 sets of user kits, with 270 unique sounds in total for maximum creativity. One of the more impressive features of the KT-300 is the Coach Function, which allows you to select from four different practice methods, perfect for players eager to improve their craft.

“The release of these two new models really rounds out the KAT Percussion line,” said Dave Cywinski, Sales Manager for Drums and Percussion at Hal Leonard. “We now have kits available for all types and levels of drummers at all types of price points, with even more features and sounds for growing drummers, but also keeping the costs to a point where they’re the best kits in their price range!”

For more information, visit

ProMark McLean NillesPROMARK 
Carter McLean and Anika Nilles Signature Sticks
ProMark Drumsticks is thrilled to announce the launch of the Carter McLean Signature Stick and Anika Nilles Signature Stick.

The Carter McLean Signature Stick is made from hickory with a custom designed wood tip. It measures .571 inches (14.5mm) in diameter and 16 1/8 inches (409.6mm) in length with a lacquered finish. The custom tip shape provides a range of sonic possibilities on any playing surface, depending on the angle of attack. With a diameter between 5A and 5B and its slightly increased length, this is one of the most unique yet versatile sticks in the ProMark portfolio.

Carter Mclean is a highly regarded educator, top Broadway drummer, and live/studio drummer with the likes of Charlie Hunter, Melvin Sparks, and Anthony Hamilton. He is particularly respected for his musical and nuanced approach to sound, touch, and groove.

To learn more about Carter McLean’s stick, visit

The Anika Nilles Signature Stick is made from hickory with an acorn wood tip. It measures .545 inches (13.8mm) in diameter and 16 inches (406.4mm) in length with a lacquered finish. Inspired by the ProMark Rebound 7A, Anika's stick features a slightly thicker diameter, a more drastic taper, and a smaller tip for increased response and articulation.

Anika Nilles made her debut in 2013 by releasing YouTube videos with her unique compositions and playing style. In the years since, she has built up a large, devoted following, with nearly 23 million video views, and has toured as an in-demand clinician all over the world. Anika's playing style is distinguished by her strong groove, finesse in technique, unique sound, and her ability to make odd rhythms sound easy and musical.

To learn more about Anika Nilles’s Signature Stick, visit

ProMark Tim JacksonTim Jackson Signature Marching Tenor Stick 
ProMark announced the launch of the new signature Tim Jackson Marching Tenor Stick. The Tim Jackson Marching Tenor Stick features both FireGrain technology and an innovative over-molded nylon tip and shoulder for enhanced durability. The flared diameter of the handle and long, 3 1/2-inch taper creates a comfortable grip and excellent rebound.

The Tim Jackson Signature Marching Tenor Stick is the first tenor implement to take full advantage of the durability of nylon by over-molding a tip that extends down the taper. This creates a unique feel and unprecedented durability along the shoulder of the stick where rimshots are played. Along the profile of the stick, nearer the rear end, a fulcrum notch allows the player’s fingers to relax comfortably and assures the stick doesn’t move in the hand while in use. Additionally, the Tim Jackson model is the first tenor stick to feature FireGrain technology, adding durability and creating a unique look for the marching percussion market.

Jackson has marched with the Capital Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps (2000), the Crossmen (2002), and The Concord Blue Devils (2003–06). Jackson won honors as the PASIC Multi-Tenor champion in 2005, and the DCI Individual and Ensemble Multi-Tenor champion four consecutive years from 2003–06.

Tim has performed with Rhythm X Indoor Percussion Ensemble since its inaugural season in 2002, winning one gold, two silver, and one bronze medal within the last six seasons of WGI competition. He played his last notes as a performer aging out in the 2007 season. Tim has spent time instructing with The Concord Blue Devils, The Bluecoats, as well as the Blue Stars drum and bugle corps. He has been a part of the Rhythm X design team since 2008. Tim currently provides private instruction to students in the central Ohio area. He has also instructed, consulted, and provided clinics and master classes across the nation, as well as in Western Europe, Korea and Japan.

To learn more, visit

ProMark Performer PackPerformer Pack
ProMark Drumsticks has launched the Performer Scholastic Pack. Last year, ProMark Drumsticks released the first of two new scholastic packs to serve the needs of percussionists at the beginning of their journey and support them throughout the formative high school years.

The Performer Scholastic Pack is a true step-up product for percussionists continuing their journey through middle school, into high school, and beyond. It is designed for the advanced needs of repertoire as percussionists continue through their journey.

Each Performer Pack contains a pair of Concert One Orchestral Snare Drum Sticks, Concert Two Orchestral Snare Drum Sticks, SPYR Hard Marimba Mallets, SPYR Hard Rubber Xylophone Mallets, SPYR Medium-Hard Hytrel Xylophone Mallets, and Performer Series General Maple Timpani Mallets packed in a Transport Deluxe Stick Bag.

To learn more, visit

Roland 4 Affordable V DrumsROLAND
Four Affordable V-Drums Kits Based Around the TD-07 Sound Module
Roland has introduced four new compact V-Drums kits based around the TD-07 sound module. The TD-07KV kit has been a top seller since its introduction in October 2020, offering famous V-Drums sound and playability at an affordable price. The new TD-07DMK, TD-07KX, and TD-07KVX kits expand the lineup to give developing electronic drummers more options with a variety of different pad and stand configurations. And for players who prefer an acoustic drum appearance, the streamlined VAD103 kit and its shallow-depth wood shells bring an affordable entry-level option to Roland’s acclaimed V-Drums Acoustic Design series.

At the center of each new V-Drums kit is the powerful TD-07 sound module, which comes packed with ready-to-play acoustic drum kits that provide instant gratification for players, allowing them to dive into an authentic drumming experience right away. Every kit features sounds captured in pro studios, then brought to life with advanced V-Drums technologies that make them behave just like their acoustic counterparts. Easy-to-use editing tools allow players to personalize every sound in detail, just like they would with acoustic drums. EQs, ambience effects, and other processing options are also on hand to bring studio-quality polish to the sound.

The TD-07 module features many useful tools that make drum practice more fun and productive, including onboard Bluetooth wireless technology for playing along with music from a mobile device or computer, and coach mode exercises that help players build skills with enjoyable drum timing and accuracy challenges. The module also integrates seamlessly with Melodics, a Mac/Windows software application that provides a growing selection of free drum lessons to develop rhythm, timing, and muscle memory.

All the new kits come outfitted with Roland’s double-ply, tension-adjustable mesh drumheads for snare and toms, giving players the most accurate playing feel and sensing available. They offer quiet acoustic performance as well, a vital feature for home practice with headphones. The quiet performance also extends to the kick pads and stands, which are purpose-built to reduce noise and vibration transfer that might otherwise disturb family members and neighbors.

The entry-level TD-07DMK is the most affordable kit in the TD-07 series. It features a compact pad layout and a slimline kick pad that attaches directly to the stand, making it ideal for tight setups and situations where the kit needs to be stored away when not in use.

The original TD-07KV remains a great value within the TD-07 family, with an upgraded freestanding kick drum and larger crash cymbals.

The TD-07KX is the perfect step-up from the TD-07KV, providing larger snare and tom pads for greater playing comfort and the most cymbals in the TD-07 lineup.

The TD-07KVX is top of the TD-07 range, with a floating VH-10 hi-hat that mounts onto an acoustic hi-hat stand. It also comes with larger V-Cymbals, including a three-zone ride with bow, bell, and edge triggering for maximum expression.

As the new entry point to the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, the VAD103 is the affordable, all-digital kit that captures the vibe and feel of a traditional acoustic set. It features shallow-depth wood drum shells throughout, including an 18-inch kick drum for a full-immersion acoustic experience.

To learn more about TD-07DMK, TD-07KV, TD-07KX, and TD-07KVX kit configurations and features, visit the TD-07 series page. To learn more about the VAD103 V-Drums Acoustic Design kit, visit the VAD103 product page.

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