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Product Showcase — November 2021

Nov 3, 2021, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

Mark Guiliana Silver DucoGRETSCH
New Colors Custom, Broadkaster, and Brooklyn Kits
Gretsch Drums has added new colors to its drum range for 2021. USA Custom and Broadkaster kits are now available in Caribbean Twilight, while the Brooklyn and Micro kits can now be ordered in Silver Mist Duco.

Caribbean Twilight Gloss is a sultry burst of metallic blue and black gloss colors, reminiscent of the hushed light created when night falls in the tropics. It is the perfect foil to the sonic brilliance of the USA Custom and Broadkaster drums. The color is available in all sizes and configurations manufactured by the Gretsch Ridgeland factory

The Silver Mist Duco finish for the Brooklyn kit glistens with style. This silver rich color, reminiscent of an early morning mist rolling in over calm shimmering waters, makes it ideally suited to any setting: stage, studio, or home. Plus, the Brooklyn Micro kit, previous only available in two colors, is now available in all 16 Brooklyn finishes, including the new Silver Mist Duco.

To find out more about Gretsch Drums, visit

Wood Tapa: The Ultimate Snare Drum Hack
Latin Percussion (LP) has launched the highly-versatile Wood Tapa, a new and innovative way to retrofit any existing snare drum with a cajon-like top and textured top surface that can be played with the hands, brushes, or other soft implements.

The LP Wood Tapa instantly transforms most 14-inch snare drums into a super sensitive, snare cajon with an authentic, woodsy cajon tonality. Simply replace the batter side drum head and counter hoop with the LP Tapa using existing tension rods, and the transformation is complete. Rounded edges offer ultimate comfort when playing with hands as part of hybrid percussion or acoustic drum setups. The Wood Tapa is constructed from Baltic Birch, designed to fit most 14-inch snare drums, and is available in 8-lug or 10-lug options.

Drummers and percussionists are always looking for new and different sounds. The Wood Tapa gives snare drums an alternative sound and widens the instrument’s range of playing possibilities. 

To find out more about the new Wood Tapa and other Latin Percussion products, visit

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