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Product Showcase – January 2022

Jan 5, 2022, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

DW Ultra light

Ultralight Edge Snare Drum
Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) is extending its range of custom Collector’s Series snare drums with the introduction of the Ultralight Edge snare. Super lightweight, it is crafted from Space Carbon, a high-grade material that is upcycled from private sector space program manufacturing.

The new 5.5 x 14-inch Ultralight Edge snare is assembled by hand at the California Custom Shop. It utilizes a carbon weave cylinder fitted precisely over machined aluminum Edge rings, creating a high-tech hybrid that delivers brightness, articulation, volume, sensitivity, and unique tonality of its own. It can be customized in any of five DW Custom Shop drum hardware color options. The Space Carbon center makes this the lightest of all the Edge snares.

The Edge™ snare series also includes the Super Solid, Reverse, Top, and Super-Sonic options, giving a wide selection of sounds for the discerning drummer.  All have DW’s characteristic professional-grade features: DW 3.0 steel True-Hoops, MAG Throw-Off, 5P (5 position) Butt Plate, True-Pitch 50 tuning, True-Tone 20-stand snare wires, DW Drum Heads by Remo, and a choice of chrome, gold, nickel, black nickel, and satin chrome hardware finishes.

The patented DW Edge was developed by John Good in 1991. Good comments, “Space Carbon has a character all its own and using this in our Edge snare design brings not only a unique tone but has the added benefit of being the lightest snare drum in our Edge range.”

To find out more about the Ultralight Edge and entire DW snare drum range, visit

DW Matte LacquerPerformance Series Matte Lacquer Finishes
Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) has added two modern color choices to its popular range of Performance Series drums.  In addition to previous sprayed lacquer options, drummers can now choose from two new matte lacquer colors: Metallic Charcoal and Gold Mist.

Utilizing Pure Maple shells that are hand-crafted at DW’s California Custom Shop,  the boutique-inspired line features many of the company’s professional features such as patented HVX shell technology, True-Pitch Tuning, STM Suspension Tom Mount System, MAG Throw-Off with 3P adjustment, DW Heads by Remo and more.

The Series is played by many of DW’s top artists and has been part of the DW Drums line for well over a decade. John Good, DW’s Executive Vice President and Drum Designer comments, “We’re so proud of how this Series has evolved over the years.  For those that want a top-quality instrument made from our finest North American Hard Rock Maple, but don’t want to enter into the custom world, this is a perfect choice.”

Both finishes include a pearlescent look, combined with an understated satin topcoat. All are fitted with the recognizable DW “Quarter Turret Lug” and pro-grade, chrome hardware.

To find out more about the full line of Performance Series drum and complete color palette, visit

Ivan Trevino Signature Series
The Ivan Trevino Signature Series is a five-mallet collection featuring three marimba models on walnut-stained birch shafts and two vibraphone/marimba models on rattan. The marimba models feature cores of varying sizes tailored to each mallet for distinct sound and balance, as well as longer shafts for ease of playing wide intervals. The vibraphone/marimba mallets feature a high-strength synthetic cord for durability, wound tightly to speak clearly and for increased articulation.

IP DaimoEriko Daimo Signature Series
The Eriko Daimo Signature Series Marimba Mallets from Innovative Percussion feature eight mallets of varying hardness, including two models specifically designed for articulate playing. Models 1-6 feature a custom blended yarn wrap, while the articulate models 7-8 are tightly wrapped with a durable synthetic cord. All models are constructed on rattan handles.

Concept Select Snares
Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP) extends its Concept Select range of metal snares with an additional 5 x 14-inch size available in 3mm seamless Aluminum and Bell Bronze. These boutique-inspired marquee drums are s
hallower versions of the 6.5 x 14-inch Concept Select metal snares launched in 2020.

The curated metal shell of each snare is emblazoned with a unique laser engraved Art Deco insignia. All the snares feature chrome hardware: Dual-turret lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, True-Pitch Tension Rods, DW Mag Throw-off, 20-strand snare wires, DW Drum Heads by Remo, with the Aluminum Concept Select snare fitted with satin walnut wood hoops and low-profile claw hooks for enhanced paying comfort.

The Aluminum Concept Select snare provides a warm, earthy timbre, and the Bell Bronze Concept Select delivers a punchy, powerful, hard rock attack with a thick, heavy-weight sound.

PDP Brand Manager Rob Dean commented, “The 6.5-inch versions of these snares have been a big hit so we wanted to give people a second depth option.  Once you play these snares you might find yourself wanting both sizes in your snare drum arsenal."

To find out more about the PDP Concept Select range and all the other PDP drums and accessories, visit

Tama Iron CobraTAMA
Iron Cobra 600 Series Pedals in Limited Edition Satin Gold Finish  
TAMA has unveiled new Iron Cobra 600 single and twin pedals in a limited-edition Satin Gold finish. The key feature of the Iron Cobra 600 is the “Duo Glide,” an innovative mechanism that allows the player to easily switch between two different cam shapes: “Power Glide” and “Rolling Glide,” which provide two totally different feels in one pedal.

Other features included are a Speedo-Ring, Para-Clamp, Spring Tension Adjustment, Beater Angle Adjustment, dual-sided beater, and double chain drive. Both pedals will be limited to a quantity of only 500 each and are available in the U.S. market only.  

Tama Hickory SnareLimited Edition S.L.P. G-Hickory Snare  
TAMA has unveiled a limited edition 4.5 x 14-inch S.L.P. G-Hickory snare drum. This new, limited snare drum features an 11mm, 12-ply Hickory shell, with a nicely-figured outer ply of Elm. Hickory is a wood more commonly used for drumsticks, but it provides a bright, crisp tone when used as a shell material. The thick shell combined with a shallower 4.5-inch depth, results in a powerful and responsive sound. The die-cast hoop offers punchy attack, a focused sound, and precise tuning, while the carbon steel snare wires afford a crisp rasp and solid crack. While versatile, like a Maple shell, Hickory possesses a dry character that makes it ideal for an auxiliary snare and this particular drum’s wide tuning range affords an additional layer of tonal flexibility.       

Tama ZebrawoodLimited-Edition Zebrawood S.L.P. G-Maple Snare Drum  
TAMA has announced the release of a limited-Edition, 7 x 14-inch S.L.P. G-Maple snare drum, featuring an outer ply of Zebrawood. These dimensions offer an exceptionally wide tuning range, while the thicker 11mm, 13ply Maple shell delivers impressive volume, bright tone, and prominent attack. This snare drum possesses an inherently contemporary quality with its Zebrawood outer ply and black nickel shell hardware, but the classic shape of the tube lugs affords a subtle nod towards a more classic design. Additional features include Die-Cast Hoops which provide a focused sound along with refined, accurate tuning, as well as 42 strands of Hi-Carbon Steel Snare wires that facilitate a thick crack with prominent snare tone.      

Tama Star BubingaSTAR Bubinga Kit with a White Ebony Outer Ply
TAMA has added a new, high-end tier to its flagship line of STAR Drums called the STAR Factory’s Vault series. These kits feature extremely rare and exotic woods and will be produced in very limited quantities. They will sit at the top of the TAMA product line.

The first kit to join this new collection is a STAR Bubinga kit featuring an outer ply of a very rare White Ebony known as Laotian or Pale Moon Ebony. This type of Ebony is not only rare, but very challenging to work with since it requires a highly specialized treatment process in order to prevent any shrinking or cracking. In its raw form, the wood is highly prone to deformation, which makes it very hard to procure in sufficient quantities. The wood itself showcases a rich caramel color juxtaposed against marbled and flowing black grain patterns.

The shells are comprised of thin, 5mm-thick 7-ply Bubinga shells, which deliver a dark, deep tone, complemented by the low-mid range provided by the 9mm-thick Sound Focus Rings. The kit also features the same popular STAR Drums hardware innovations such as the Super Resonant Mounting System, Quick-Lock Tom Brackets, and Die-Cast Hoops. A matching snare is also available as an add-on drum.

Tama Walnut BirchStarclassic Walnut/Birch Tamo Ash Kit
TAMA has unveiled a new, Limited Edition Starclassic Walnut/Birch kit. This latest design features an outer ply of Tamo Ash, which offers a thoroughly attention-capturing appearance. It achieves its unique aesthetic by combining a natural finish with the intense figuring of the shells, allowing the complex natural grain of the to shine through. This appearance is further complemented by the use of satin gold hardware throughout.

Tom shells are 6mm thick and comprised of four plies of Birch, two inner plies of American Black Walnut, and a single outer ply of Tamo Ash. The bass drum is 8mm thick and constructed with five plies of Birch, two inner plies of American Black Walnut, and one outer ply of Tamo Ash. Shell hardware highlights of this kit include the Star-Cast Mounting System, Quick-Lock Tom Brackets, and Die-Cast Hoops. There is also a matching snare available as an add-on drum. In addition to its impressive visuals, this kit delivers the same powerful tone, and multifaceted dynamic range inherent to every Starclassic Walnut/Birch kit.

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