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Groove of the Month: The Push Groove by Rich Redmond

May 14, 2022, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

The “Push Groove” is based on a simple dotted-quarter/eighth-note rhythm that is very common in popular music. This rhythm is the first part of the clave rhythm, the first part of the Bo Diddley beat, and a rhythm that is also found extensively in Latin American music. It even informed a dance during the 1920s called the Charleston. In modern music-making, it can be found in everything from rock to pop to hip-hop and even country. This feel is always an option I offer in the Nashville studios to bring songs to life.

By changing accent patterns that utilize various parts of the stick (shank and tip), we can create different feels and energies with the same beat. Be sure to experiment with this as well as with the colors on the drums like cross-sticks, playing in the middle of the snare drum, rimshots, loose hi-hats, etc. Be sure to practice with a metronome or loop. Make the groove feel great at its most basic form before adding crashes and fills. Also, experiment with playing a wide variety of tempos and dynamic levels. Enjoy!

Redmond Push-Groove

Rich RedmondRich Redmond has been the touring/recording drummer with multi-platinum country rocker Jason Aldean for over two decades. With Aldean, Rich has recorded 30 number-one hits and plays to millions of fans per year around the globe. Rich has also performed with Garth Brooks, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, Chris Cornell, Joe Perry, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, and many other top performers. Rich was voted “Country Drummer of the Year” many years in a row by Modern Drummer magazine, and DRUM! magazine voted Rich one of the “Top 60 Rock Drummers of All Time.” Rich is also a busy speaker, host, educator, author, and actor. More information is available at


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