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Product Showcase – July 2022

Jul 6, 2022, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

ASI Danny SeraphineASI AUDIO
Danny Seraphine Uses 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System
As the original drummer and a co-founder of Chicago, Danny Seraphine is also a Grammy Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Today, Seraphine has gone back to his early musical beginnings, rebooting with his new band CTA, an abbreviation for California Transit Authority — a throwback to early Chicago, which was originally called the Chicago Transit Authority. 

Throughout his career, Seraphine has always used head-worn monitors during live performance. Currently, Seraphine is using ASI Audio’s 3DME Music Enhancement IEM system. “I’ve used in-ears monitors over the years,” he said, “but when I first heard about the 3DMEs, with ambient mics as part of the system, I said, ‘That sounds like something I need to check out.’” ASI’s 3DME Music Enhancement system incorporates a tiny electret MEMS microphone in each Active Ambient earphone that combine to provide users with a binaural 3D perspective of their surroundings. The bodypack mixer/headphone amplifier accepts input from any wireless IEM receiver (a stereo jumper cable is supplied) and includes DSP to offer limiting and EQ (channel independent or linked) and to enable users to customize ambient mic levels in their monitor mix. Settings can be saved as presets on the 3DME BT app for easy recall and repeatability.

Seraphine promotes another benefit of using the 3DMEs: hearing health and the importance of protecting yourself from loud music when playing live. “I wish I had these back in the day, as all of us need to be conscious of protecting ourselves from hearing loss. Fortunately, I have been careful over the years regarding volume levels, but I know there are a lot of players who could benefit from the 3DMEs long-term. I always talk about hearing health when I do clinics. Protect yourself, protect your ears, wear protection. The 3DMEs are the ultimate tool for that, especially if you use them correctly, and then depending on the situation, you can always use the 3DMEs’ limiter.”  

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Paiste Signature Traditionals FlatridePAISTE
Bigger Range and More Choices in Flat Rides
In response to renewed interest in flat rides, Paiste announced the reintroduction of ground-breaking models from the Formula 602, 2002, and Traditionals Series, and the addition of a new model in the Masters Series. 

The medium-light 20- and 22-inch Masters Dark Flat Ride models complement the Masters Series with a dark and complex variation on the typical flat ride characteristic. The Ping exhibits less of the very high frequencies of classic Paiste flat rides, and the low wash has a bit more dirt. The new model thus fits seamlessly into the sound character of the Masters Dark models.

The medium-light 20- and 22-inch Signature Traditionals Light Flat Ride models have dark and complex qualities overall, yet the ping offers silvery highs and clarity. With its softer sound and feel this model is well suited for quieter settings.

The light 18-, 20-, and 22-inch Formula 602 Thin Flat Ride models feature the incomparable purity and clarity typical of Formula 602 cymbals. The airy ping exhibits silky softness, and the overall sound is very deep. These buttery soft cymbals are ideal for delicate playing at low volumes.

The 18- and 20-inch 2002 Flat Ride models mirror the legendary brilliance and warmth of the 2002 Series. The bright, pearly ping floats over a warm, controllable wash. This model is an ideal companion when subtlety and definition paired with radiant presence and a bit more strength are required.

The new models join the 20-inch Formula 602 Medium Flat Ride, which was previously released with the Formula 602 Relaunch. Masters, Formula 602, Signature Traditionals and 2002 Cymbals are made in Switzerland from various bronze alloys using traditional craftsmanship that has remained unchanged in over half a century.

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