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R!Solo: Solo 456 by Benjamin L. Holmes

Sep 12, 2023, 13:14 PM by Rhythm Scene Staff

“Solo 456" is a rudimental snare drum solo that strives to blend traditional flam rudiments with 16th note rhythms (4's), fivelets (5's), and sextuplets (6's). Inspired by the rudimental styles of Charley Wilcoxon and John S. Pratt, the solo is divided into three distinct sections, allowing the performer to focus on flam rudiments within the context of 16th notes, fivelets, and sextuplets individually. 

I recommend slow practice, focusing on each repeated section individually. I also suggest isolating the contained flam rudiments and practicing them separately: flam accents, flam taps, Swiss triplets, and flamacues. The tenuto markings indicate that the note is to be played halfway between accent and tap height/volume. 

Ben Holmes RSolo


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Benjamin HolmesDr. Benjamin Holmes
is a percussionist, performer, and educator from Lubbock, TX. Benjamin is the Percussion Coordinator/Instructor for the Pride of Oklahoma and teaches applied percussion lessons at the University of Oklahoma. As a member of the Holmes Percussion Duo with his brother Cody, the duo has performed original music for percussion duo at colleges, universities, conferences, and with the World Percussion Group. For more about Benjamin, visit

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