Individual Donors

The Percussive Arts Society relies on generous donor support to fund the fulfillment of PAS’s mission each year. We gratefully acknowledge all individual donors for their gifts to the Percussive Arts Society & Rhythm! Discovery Center. Donors are listed according to the total amount of their monetary donations since May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2022.

Your individual donation helps PAS achieve its mission to inspire, educate, and support percussionists and drummers throughout the world. All donors are valued contributors.

PAS is generously supported in part by the following individuals:

PAS / R!DC General Fund

$1,000 & ABOVE
Jennifer Natalya Pritzker -
In Memory of 
Robert Allan 
Pritzker & In Honor of David Wood
David & Colette Wood
She-e Wu

$999 - $500
Kathy Ahearn
Stephen W. Maxwell - In Honor of David Wood
Mayari Pritzker & David Moore - In Honor of David Wood
Mark & Carrie Swearingen
$499 - $250
John Ettelson
Sara Forbes Landrum
Michael Gould
Kent T. Hillman
Robert Michael McCormick
Lisa Rogers
David Simonds 
Karolyn Stonefelt

$249 - $100
Anonymous - In Honor of David Wood
Aubrey Adams
Brad & Karen Anderson - In Memory of Bradley J. Barnes
James Campbell
Robert M. Campbell
Bruce Chapman
Robert Cirillo
Stephen Crawford
Diane Downs
Jason Edwards
Maria Finkelmeier
Mark Hartinger
Pamela & Richard Keene - In Memory of Bradley Barnes
Michael Moorin
Brenda Myers
Jeanne Anne Pletcher
Jeffrey L. Randolph
Scott R eder
Steven Rosofsky - In Honor of David Wood
Ruth Simonds
Sala & Ira Simonds
David Skidmore
Sarah Tenney
Spencer Waller - In Honor of David Wood 
William Wiggins
Nancy Zeltsman

$99 - $50
Larry Aberman
Terry L. Applebaum - In Honor of Gordon B. Peters
Michael Bahan
Peggy Benkeser
Ruth Cahn
Erik Charlston
Christopher John Deane
MJ Gernes
Mark Goodenberger
Gloria Griesinger
Jonathan Haas
Terry G. Hanson
Patricia Hickey
Paula Holt - In Honor of David Wood
Eric C. Hughes
Sigurd H. Johnson
Mat Larson
Karl Latham
Allan M. Lewis
Matthew Love
Stephen W. Maxwell
Opeyemi Oyediran
Mickey Price
Sherry Rubins
Julia Smith - In Honor of David Wood
Chester Thompson
Josh Watkins
Mark & Linda Watson - In Memory of Bradley Barnes
Daniel Yamamoto
Charles Zavitz

$49 - $20
Sergio Armaroli
Ramona Ann Brenholen
Mark & Michelle Brenner - In Honor of Isabella Scotti
Robert H. (Bob) Campbell
Eric Convey
Molly Cryderman-Weber
Lana Davis - In Memory of Brad Barnes
Brian Del Signore
Robert A. DiCola
Michael Dumas
Robert Dunkerley
Asher Matthew Fairbank
Jake Fernstrum
Ray Fransen
David Gabbay
Bruno Louis Giulini
Kevin Hall
Nancy & Jim Hamblin - In Memory Brad Barnes
Paul H. Hartel
Daniel Heier
Carol Helble
Matthew Henry
Bunny Hoover
Robert Cleveland Hudson
Michael Huestis
John M. Hughes
Stephen Humphries
Aaron Iverson - In Honor of David Wood
Christopher Karow
Rick Kurasz
Richard Thomas Kvistad
Nick Lang
Dennis H. Lester
Raymond Levier
Matt Mackenzie
Dave A. Mayo
Patricia L. McKenzie
Gaylord Messick
Nicholaus Meyers
Curt Taylor Moore
Marcia Neel
Lori Nine - In Memory of Brad Barnes
Rob Paddock
Jay Potesta
Sergio D. Quesada Acosta
Nick Ramirez
Lauren Sandground
Carol Sargent
Frank Shaffer Jr.
Saulius Stanevicius Auglys
Randall S. Sutin
Tracy Taylor
Alex Tjoland
James Toscano
Diana E. Valdes-Santos
Rick Vale
Alana Wiesing
Sean Womack
Barry A. Zimmerman

We also thank 65 donors for their contributions of $1 to $19.

Endowed Funds

Freddie Gruber Scholarship
$249 - $100

Jack McKenzie Scholarship
$49 - $20
Michael Combs

Jim Chapin Scholarship
$249 - $100
$49 - $20
The Bacons

Neil Peart Drum Set Scholarship
$1000 & ABOVE
$49 - $20
Peter Albrecht

Pace Acquisition Fund
$249 - $100

PAS Endowment Fund
$249 - $100
Patrick Roulet - In Honor of Garwood Whaley & Randy Eyles

PASIC International Scholarship
$249 - $100

Past Presidents Fund
$249 - $100
Steve Houghton
Gary J. Olmstead
Thomas Siwe
$99 - $50
John R. Beck

Thomas Siwe Scholarship
$499 - $250
Thomas Siwe
$249 - $100
Don Baker

All Access Friends

Raymond Adams
Jose Alicea
Emily Amore
Dr. Thad Anderson
Ted Atkatz
Dr. John Baldwin
Dr. Darren Bastian
John H. Beck*
John R. Beck*
Dr. John Beckford
Robert Bell
Dr. Andy Bliss
Joel Bluestone
Jerry Bolen
Gary Bolinger
Douglass Bratt
David Britton
Michael Bump
Michael Burritt
Dr. Paul Buyer
Ruth Cahn
James Campbell*
Ben Cantrell
Dr. Omar Carmenates
Steven Day Carter
Gary Cook*
Julie Davila
Diane Downs
Ward Durrett
Karl Dustman
Jason Edwards
Bill Elliott
Dr. Randall Eyles
Richard Farvour
Maria Finkelmeier
Mark Ford*
Genaro Gonzalez Jr.*
Brooks Gornto
Jim Guglielmo
Jonathan Haas
Dr. Chris Hanning*
Dr. Andy Harnsberger
Douglas Hazelrigg
Boston Hill
Rev. George Hill III
George Hill IV
Dr. Julie Hill*
Jim Holland
Richard Holly*
Steve Houghton*
Christopher Karabin
Michael Kenyon
Johnny Lee Lane
Thomas Lechner
Matthew Love
Kris Manning
Dr. Brian Mason
William Moersch
Jeffrey Moore
Valerie Naranjo
Marcia Neel
Christopher Norton
Dr. Eugene Novotney
Julie O’Neal
Michael Obermeyer Jr.
Gary Olmstead*
Richard Pantaleo
James F. Parker Jr.
Douglas Perkins
James Petercsak*
Gordon Peters*
Mickey Price
Dr. Willis Rapp
Scott Reder
Dr. Lisa Rogers*
Dr. Patrick Roulet
Jim Royle
Sherry Rubins
William Sherrill
Karolyn Stonefelt
Frederick Taylor
Brian Teed
Saturnino Tiamson Jr.
Chris Treloar
Lauren Vogel Weiss
Dr. Brian West
David Wood
She-e Wu
Angela Yarbrough
Dr. Brian Zator*
Glenn Zeinemann

* PAS Past President

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